Alex Jones sideswiped by exposure of his own texts in Sandy Hook trial

Alex Jones sideswiped by exposure of his own texts in Sandy Hook trial

August 3, 2022 0 By Ellen Novack

Per a thread from NBC, Bankston also raised the matter of the many emails uncovered where Jones is expressly discussing Sandy Hook. Jones has previously said—under oath—that he was unable to find any on that subject for the court.  



NBC reported that Jones appeared “shocked” at the development.

Some of the information in the exposed texts included details on how much Jones’ Infowars program was raking in. In 2018, there were times the show earned $800,000 a day, and after Jones was de-platformed, that rate was on track to just keep increasing.

Jones was booted from Facebook, Apple, Spotify, and YouTube in 2018 in light of his incessant promotion of hatred, his glorifying of violence, and his dehumanizing of various groups, including immigrants, the LGBT community, Muslims, and others. 

Jones only yesterday told Judge Gamble he was bankrupt. The verdict on that is still out, and when he made the claim in court yesterday in front of jurors, the judge chastised him.

On Wednesday, Bankston said after Jones was de-platformed, he was on track to make at least $300 million annually. Jones defended the $800,000 days as a fluke that stemmed from a “really good week” at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. 

The waters are growing deep for Jones. The attorney for the Sandy Hook parents have him in a precarious position. 

According to NBC, Bankston was heard on a hot mic at recess noting how no one in the courtroom has yet thought about what happens when the trove of texts goes to law enforcement. 

That’s a good question, especially in light of his relationship to Jan. 6 and the attack on the U.S. Capitol. Jones sat for a deposition this January and invoked his Fifth Amendment right to more than 100 questions. 

As soon as he was done with that, however, he went on his podcast to describe the questions and his responses. He called the Jan. 6 probe “tainted” and slammed investigators. 

Analysis from civil rights attorney Andrew Laufer to Daily Kos then seems just as poignant today. 

 “You don’t have to be under oath in order to be held criminally liable regarding information contained in a statement. If he makes any incriminating statement under any circumstance, he can be held criminally liable for it,” Laufer said in January. 

Two weeks ago, Jones’ ex-wife Kelly Jones came out publicly on Twitter, saying she had “insider info” relevant to the Jan. 6 committee’s investigation. 

On Wednesday, Kelly Jones said she would send out a subpoena for the records promptly.