Clarence Thomas believes that sex is only for making babies and he’s ready to enforce it through law

Clarence Thomas believes that sex is only for making babies and he’s ready to enforce it through law

July 2, 2022 0 By Ellen Novack

To be specific, Ginni’s husband didn’t go with anything like a claim that the government doesn’t have the right to intrude into personal health care decisions. What he went with this, the religious rights of the defendants were being threatened by “all available COVID–19 vaccines because they were developed using cell lines derived from aborted children.”

None of the available vaccines contain any human cells at all. The vaccines were not made from human cells, grown in human cells, developed from human cells, or derived from human cells, aborted or otherwise. Early in the process of testing the vaccines, before they were given to any human subjects, both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were tested against cultures of replicated human cells from lines that go back decades—that’s a safety test also true of every vaccine, and almost every drug, released for human use.

When this objection was debunked, right-wing sources rushed to say that it wasn’t Thomas making this claim, but the defendants. Except what the defendants wrote in their challenge was much milder. The original complaint argued that vaccines may have used “abortion-derived fetal cell lines in testing, development, or production.” It was Thomas who turned this into “all available COVID–19 vaccines … were developed using cell lines derived from aborted children.” 

Thomas didn’t just argue the Court should take the case, he upped the ante, making a charge the defendants never made. Which doesn’t leave much doubt about how Thomas would have voted should just one more Justice joined in to allow the case to come forward.

In the cases he has asked Republicans to bring him, Thomas has served up an attack on the whole concept that Americans have any right to expect privacy in their own homes or their own bedrooms. He is explicitly saying that the state has the right to determine who is allowed to have sex and how they are allowed to have it, right down to the positions. He’s saying that the right to marry whoever you please is a mistake that must be addressed. He’s saying that the state can remove access to contraceptives for everyone, including—even especially—married couples. 

Thomas is seriously advocating a return to the time when the government could smash their way into someone’s bedroom and charge them with a criminal act for who or how they were having sex, or for trying to prevent that sex from resulting in a pregnancy. Those cases will come to the Court with his guaranteed vote already in their corner, and with helpful notes on how to win over the handful of radical right votes that they need. Because he’s already demonstrated that he’s not just eager to see hear these cases, Thomas is ready to argue them.