Connect! Unite! Act! Finding liberation, hope, and togetherness

Connect! Unite! Act! Finding liberation, hope, and togetherness

July 23, 2022 0 By Ellen Novack

The Daily Kos Liberation League features highly recommended posts about racial justice, gender equality, and LGBTQ rights—issues that highlight the importance of including a diverse set of people in community or national decisions. Difficult stories about the problem of mental health care in our country that has led to the death of too many; stories highlighting racism in an attempt to re-write history, or xenophobic and racist responses to Asian Americans by complete strangers.

These are stories that need to be told and need to be heard. They are the stories that are sometimes difficult and heartbreaking to read. For the writers who tell the stories, they write them talking from their heart. Even putting pen to the paper and telling the story can be a painful reminder of their own life experiences.

When I write about disability, I know there are moments when I have to step back because it is a much more difficult article to write then a story about general politics because of the mental toll it can take, and afterward I definitely feel a need to walk away for a second. 

Daily Kos Liberation League writers take on some of the most difficult, personal, gut-wrenching stories and they stand behind them, every day, telling a story that needs to be heard because they know that their voice can be the one that cuts through the fog and can reach people who would not otherwise listen.

Turning a blind eye to difficult conversations is something that most human beings do by default. We don’t like the idea of confrontation, we dislike having our worldview challenged, and we want to believe that some things just do not happen.

Daily Kos Liberation League isn’t about doomscrolling or finding the latest terrible happening; it is about finding an opportunity and an obligation we all have to make the world better. A chance for us to improve things for each other, and to show compassion and empathy by relating to conditions we do not always consider.

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