Fox & Friends commit open heresy against Trump. Has Murdoch finally tired of his rabid dog?

Fox & Friends commit open heresy against Trump. Has Murdoch finally tired of his rabid dog?

July 27, 2022 0 By Ellen Novack

Discussing a Turning Point USA poll that showed Trump with a commanding lead in the race for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, the folks at Fox & Friends, who act entirely of their own free will so long as Rupert Murdoch says it’s okay, were quick to throw cold water on that poll during Monday’s show. Watch:


STEVE DOOCY: “I am thinking about, that is a little different from a couple of other polls we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago in Florida, Blueprint Polling did a poll. DeSantis leads the former president in all age groupings. Then there was a University of New Hampshire poll in June. DeSantis actually led Trump, 39 to 37. And that New York Times/Sienna College poll that we’ve cited quite a few times, less than half of Republican voters back Donald Trump as their preferred choice. So, it’s like, the young people who are activists at that event like the former president, but looking at these other polls—different answer.”

BRIAN KILMEADE: “Yeah, if you look state by state, Ron DeSantis is showing tremendous strength in New Hampshire, Michigan, and Florida. He’s leading or tied with the former president.”

Attention, Fox News viewers! We are no longer serving the shit stew. Today’s special is the duck breast with mango chutney, wild rice pilaf, and poached quail eggs. Served on a bed of rancid shit, of course. 

Needless to say, Trump wasn’t happy about the segment.


For the nontweeters:

“@foxandfriends just really botched my poll numbers, no doubt on purpose. That show has been terrible — gone to the “dark side.” They quickly quote the big Turning Point Poll victory of almost 60 points over the number two Republican, and then hammer me with outliers. Actually, almost all polls have me leading all Republicans & Biden BY A LOT. RINO Paul Ryan, one of the weakest and worst Speakers EVER, must be running the place. Anyway, thank you to Turning Point, the crowd & “love” was AMAZING!”

Never again can we allow anyone to become commander in chief who shows such open disregard for the proper use of quotation marks. What exactly does he mean by “love.” It was sarcastic love? Seriously, though, how can a former president not know how to use quotation marks? As someone who speaks the Queen’s English, looking at his posts feels a bit like watching a drunk toddler try to stay inside the lines when he colors. Only the drunk toddler manages to fuck up with far more aplomb.

Looks like deliberately sending an armed mob to the Capitol building as part of a secret plot to literally end America may finally be the breaking point for some conservatives—and one of those conservatives appears to be named Rupert Murdoch. And that’s really bad news for Adderall Hitler.

That said, Murdoch may also see Ron DeSantis as a horse who’s easier to tame—and who would likely have a better shot at winning future races. And while the horse shit will continue to flow like milk and honey in Fox’s land of make-believe no matter who they back, with DeSantis at the head of the team, cleanup should be a lot easier.

Now try not to choke on your popcorn. I doubt you’ll want to miss any part of the show that’s coming.

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