Good vibes only! Fox News guest complains of having to hear about slavery during Monticello tour

Good vibes only! Fox News guest complains of having to hear about slavery during Monticello tour

July 16, 2022 0 By Ellen Novack

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Talking about how Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence that “still inspires everybody today, all men are created equal and all of this kind of stuff …” All of this kind of stuff. That’s how important that part of the Jefferson legacy actually is to a man like Tucker. Tucker went on to say that while he expected some sort of hagiography about Jefferson that only highlighted his virtuosity in the arts and sciences, instead he got “the opposite. Debunking his history. His reputation. Putting him down.”

Let’s take a quick break to laugh about how sad face emoji Tucker and Tucker are about this. Here’s a fun side note: Alexander Hamilton called once described Jefferson as someone So seditious, so prostitute a character.” Any the whos! Tucker ended by saying that he thought that “Monticello would be protected from this disease of wokeism.”

Here’s another little story about Jefferson and slavery and the half-sister slave of his wife, Sally Hemings—who Jefferson inherited as an infant from his father-in-law (and Hemings’ father), who Jefferson then fathered children with, while she remained a slave. (From Monticello’s own website.) Jefferson “owned 607 people over the course of his lifetime. He freed only seven, and let three others leave Monticello. They were all members of the extended Hemings family. Four were his children. Sally Hemings was ‘given her time’ after Jefferson’s death, but never legally freed.”

Too much thinking to have to do for narrow minded-bigots like Tucker and Tucker.


The real reason that people like Tucker want to attach their pretend “woke” culture war distraction to Jefferson is that they want to obfuscate any meaningful conversation about how the Founding Fathers fought and changed their opinions on things like federalism versus state’s rights. There’s a musical that touches on some of the early battles between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson concerning those rights. Jefferson would later be accused of becoming too much of a federalist. Don’t worry—you won’t hear about that on Tucker Carlson’s show, or out of Jeffrey Tucker’s mouth.