Hoax network OAN is in deep trouble after losing a second major telecom contract

Hoax network OAN is in deep trouble after losing a second major telecom contract

July 28, 2022 0 By Ellen Novack

That leaves OAN with a much smaller audience and with very little revenue to put on their little show, leading to new press speculation that this may be the end of the line for the plucky fascist revue. The New York Times notes that, aside from a few much smaller cable companies, OAN will now have to look to its own person-by-person subscription service. That’s … not many people. And it remains vanishingly unlikely that many of the 3.5 million households that lost their (mostly unwanted) OAN channel through Verizon are going to be rushing to subscribe.

That’s very bad news for the propaganda network, which is being sued for $1.6 billion in damages for pushing hoaxes claiming that Dominion Voting Systems machines were used to rig the 2020 presidential election against Trump. Court action so far indicates the companies Dominion has sued are very likely to lose those lawsuits, though squeezing a billion-dollar-plus judgment out of the network’s decaying corpse will probably prove a futile effort. OAN doesn’t have that kind of money, and won’t be able to get that kind of money.

Back to the question, then. Is this the end for OAN? Eeeeeh … that’s probably not something you should be pinning any hopes on. The far-far-right is currently extremely well funded, thanks to a passel of wealthy right-wing sugar daddies, and even if the network collapses completely, it’s likely that the lying hosts, the lying producers, and the lying everyone else will find themselves well taken care of by whichever American billionaire was most enamored of their willingness to repeat whatever implausible nonsense some clown was willing to whisper to them off-camera.

I’m not in a betting mood today, so I’m not going to try to speculate what happens next. The good news is that it turns out the primary tool of fascist movements, the Big Lie, can indeed be fought and defeated. But that’s only if the lie pisses off a corporate target with enough revenue to hire a good team of lawyers. If the liars don’t mention somebody’s trademark, we’re probably still out of luck.

Why did it take two of the most powerful telecom companies in the world this long to ditch a fake “news” network known for promoting fraudulent news even after those hoaxes were used to justify a coup and insurrection? No—why did both companies choose to host a network that, from much earlier than that, was shown to be wildly dishonest? Does anybody in these buildings have any standards at all? Is it only after people die, or 10-figure lawsuits start getting thrown around, that, eventually, some executive team wanders into the picture and begins to calculate the damage being done? Good God, people. What an embarrassment to all involved.


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