Jan. 6 fake ‘electors’ plot linked to Ron Johnson; the grossest Republican ad yet?

Jan. 6 fake ‘electors’ plot linked to Ron Johnson; the grossest Republican ad yet?

June 22, 2022 0 By Ellen Novack

Hi, I’m disgraced sleazebag Eric Greitens, and I’m here to promote stolen valor and stoke politically motivated violence.

In the news today: The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 coup attempt today heard evidence of Republican attempts to place fake electoral counts for several states in the hands of Vice President Mike Pence, thus allowing Pence to claim the counts for those states were “in dispute.” The committee also heard from Republican officials who refused to go along with Trump’s demands to alter vote totals and from victims who received death threats after they were singled out by Trump’s team—with zero evidence—as members of the supposed election conspiracy against him. And no, it’s still not clear why none of this has so far resulted in indictments from the Department of Justice.

In other news, violent thug Eric Greitens, now attempting a comeback after resigning as Missouri governor amid a truly grotesque (felony) scandal, released a gun-filled ad announcing a “RINO hunting permit” targeting those in his party not willing to become violent traitorous felons. It seems to have been specifically aimed at fomenting violence. And still more revelations about the utterly baffling law enforcement response during the Uvalde, Texas, mass murder show the response was even worse than we thought—yet again.