Jan. 6 probe to add new public hearings; Republicans targeting parents of trans kids

Jan. 6 probe to add new public hearings; Republicans targeting parents of trans kids

June 23, 2022 0 By Ellen Novack

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The Jan. 6 committee says that working through new coup evidence will require additions to the planned hearing schedule

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 coup attempt will be adding more public hearings to its schedule due to the continued revelation of new evidence; those hearings will be held “later in July,” says committee chair Bennie Thompson. In the meantime committee members are being provided with beefed-up security due to threats of violence by pro-coup Trump supporters. Singled out as the possible avenue through which coup supporters were supposed to slip fake lists of electors to Vice President Mike Pence, Sen. Ron Johnson continues to deflect questions about his role, but he’s sure not making his excuses very plausible.

The Republican Party has been responding with a ratcheting-up of “culture war” issues, which is the name given to any debate in which conservatives want to discriminate against a targeted set of Americans in a way that most Americans would find objectionable or grotesque. Conservative culture warriors are targeting trans Americans in their latest assault, with new proposed bills to allow states to take LGBT children from parents that support their children’s gender choice. It’s as fascist as it sounds, and once again: From educators to immigrants to LGBT neighbors, it’s uncanny how the modern conservative movement is choosing to single out all the same enemies that Nazi Germany seized upon for its own purges.