Justin Bieber Cancels All Of His Shows After Half The Face Has Been Paralysed By The Virus

Justin Bieber Cancels All Of His Shows After Half The Face Has Been Paralysed By The Virus

July 17, 2022 0 By bimola

Yesterday’s cover of ‘Ghost” was uploaded to the Kpop boyband YouTube channel. It is the latest addition in the ongoing video series by Stray Kids, dubbed SKZ-RECORD. The track ‘Ghost’ comes from Bieber’s 2021 studio album ‘Justice.

Seungmin’s version retains the original song’s instrumentation as he sings the chorus:

Before Seungmin’s cover, the two bandmates collaborated on a cover for Day6’s 2020 title track “Zombie” in February. The ‘SKZ RECORD’ project also includes I.N’s cover of HuhGak 2013’s single ‘Memory Of Your Scent,’ as well as Seungmin’s cover ‘Love Again’ by EXO Baekhyun.

The eight-piece are currently in North America on their ‘Maniac’ world tour. This marks their second global trek and follows up to their first tour, ‘District 9 : Unlock.

This tour follows the March release of Stray Kids’ new mini-album “Oddinary”. The group’s first entry and first number one on the Billboard 200 chart, with seven tracks, earned them their third consecutive top spot.

JYP Entertainment announced that Hyunjin, a Stray Kids member, would be limited in his participation at the remaining stops. He had suffered a hand injury earlier this week.

Bieber has recently postponed his North American tour and his appearance at the Wisconsin festival Summerfest because of his ongoing battle against Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Justin Bieber is taking time off from his tour to focus on his health. His wife is by his side, and the couple share a kiss on a boat.

Justin and Haley visited Coeur d’Alene this weekend. They hopped onboard to enjoy some sun and some PDA. Justin and Justin were out with friends, which was encouraging to see.

We reported that the singer had announced last month that he was suffering from a frightening case of Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Bieber said that his health problem had left him paralysed on one side and that he needed time to recover from it.

Although it’s difficult to see in the photos, Bieber’s travels must indicate that he is on the road to getting back to normal. Bieber told fans that he would complete physical therapy and not return to touring until everything is back to normal.

After a virus left Justin Bieber with “full paralysis”, he cancelled several shows from his current tour.

He claimed that a virus had caused damage to his nerves. In a video that he uploaded to his Instagram page, he said that he was experiencing a “pretty severe” condition.

He is currently on his Justice Tour in North America, and has cancelled performances at Toronto, Washington DC, and New York.

He stated that the virus attacked my facial nerves, causing paralysis in my face.

“As you can clearly see, this eye does not blink. This side of my face is paralyzed. I cannot smile. The nostril in my right nostril is paralysed and will not move.

He tries to smile, blink, and move his face in the video. However, some parts of his face are not able to respond. He stated that he had been practicing facial exercises to heal.

Justice, Bieber’s final album, was released in March 2021. It has been certified platinum in America and reached second place in the UK album charts. His North American leg of the world tour will conclude in July.

He said, “So, for those who are frustrated at my cancellations of next shows, it’s just physically, obviously una able to do them.” “This is quite serious as you can see.”

“I wish it wasn’t so, but my body is telling us I need to slow down.

“I hope you guys understand. I’ll use this time to rest and relax, get back to 100%, so that I can do the things I was meant to do. This isn’t it.

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We don’t know the time, but we can trust God that it will be okay. It is all for a purpose. While I don’t know what it is, I will rest in the meantime.”

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