Pennsylvania poll offers glimpses into how abortion might boost Democrats in key races

Pennsylvania poll offers glimpses into how abortion might boost Democrats in key races

June 23, 2022 0 By Ellen Novack

Enter recent polling in Pennsylvania from USA Today/Suffolk University showing that abortion is a top-three issue for women in both races, and both Democratic candidates are winning women handily.

The survey, taken June 10 to the 13, suggests Keystone State women have different expectations from a governor (which they associate more with the economy) than a U.S. senator (where they appear to want action on abortion at the federal level). Thus, abortion is women’s top issue in the Senate race and the number 3 issue in the governor’s race. Below is the share of women who said abortion, the economy, and gun control were their top issues in both races along with where those issues rank for men and all voters.

PA Sen/PA Guv: Top Issues for Pennsylvania Women
Women Men All voters
Abortion (Sen/Guv) 24%/16% 4%/3% 14%/10%
Economy (Sen/Guv) 16%/24% 29%/28% 22%/26%
Gun control (Sen/Guv) 16%/18% 18%/15% 17%/16% 

For men, the economy gets top billing in both races while abortion is in single digits as a priority. Gun control is important to both groups in both races and second only to the economy for men. (Also notable: Crime only registered in single digits among both groups.) 

In the survey, both Democrats lead their GOP opponents, though Democratic Senate nominee Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is in a more enviable position than Democratic gubernatorial nominee Attorney General Josh Shapiro. Fetterman is currently up 9 points over Oz, according to the survey, while Shapiro enjoys a slimmer 4-point advantage over Mastriano. Both Democratic candidates also enjoy a sizable advantage among women, with Fetterman besting Oz by 23 points among women and Shapiro outpacing Mastriano by 16 points.

Voter preferences in PA Senate/PA governor’s race
Fetterman/Oz Shapiro/Mastriano
women 52%/29% 50%/34%
Men 41%/46% 39%/46%
total 46%/37% 44%/40%

As Bulwark writer Brent Orrell noted, “The news for Democrats is a lot better than they have any right to expect” given inflation and President Joe Biden’s numbers.

Of course, anything could happen between now and November. But as a snapshot in time, this poll suggests this year’s midterms remain a historical wild card.

There’s also the simple reality that Fetterman is an unusually good non-traditional candidate with widespread appeal. In many ways, the fact that Shapiro, a very solid statewide candidate, is only running 4 points ahead of Mastriano, a MAGA extremist on every level, is worrisome. 

But the survey raises the prospect that candidates, issues, and the extent to which they animate voters might matter at least as much or, in some cases, even more than the national climate. If that were to bear out in November, it would be good news for Democrats, who are facing down tough historical trends.

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