Republican Congressional Wives group invites Steve Bannon to coach them on wire fraud, sedition

Republican Congressional Wives group invites Steve Bannon to coach them on wire fraud, sedition

June 23, 2022 0 By Ellen Novack

Yes, the Republican Congressional Wives Speakers group is hosting insurrectionist Steve Bannon for a July seminar, reports Politico. He’ll join COVID-19 anti-vaxxer Robert Malone and virulent anti-Muslim conspiracy crank Frank Gaffney, indicating that Republican congressional spouses are certainly cut from the same conspiracist cloth as their partners and “True the Vote” head Catherine Englebrecht—demonstrating a particular commitment to pro-sedition conspiracy cranks.

Bannon’s a particularly noteworthy case because there’s good evidence that he was notably in the loop when it comes to orchestrating anti-government violence on Jan. 6, 2021. He’s refusing to testify about that, which means he’ll be spending the day before his seminar with Republican Congressional Wives, and—this is true—standing trial for contempt of Congress. He’s got a court date on Monday and a “How To Support Treason” seminar on Tuesday.

The Republican group is no doubt eager to invite him precisely because of his role in a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the government. It’s not particularly easy to find Republican speakers who didn’t tie themselves to an attempted insurrection and coup, mind you, but picking one of the very few people in America currently facing criminal charges for covering up evidence is intended to send a message.

Bannon, however, also is one of the few people in America to attempt to organize a fascist training facility in Italy, and one of a just-slightly larger group of Republicans caught dead-to-rights in a wire fraud scheme that scammed money from the Republican base for a supposed “border wall.” It took a Donald Trump pardon to keep him out of prison.

It’s possible, then, that the Republican Congressional Wives club just wants to hear Bannon’s thoughts on how they can themselves scam their party’s voters. Nobody here is condemning Bannon for straight-up cheating the base out of their money, just like nobody here is condemning Bannon for his role in a coup that ended in dead Americans. He’s a party hero for doing both, and they want to hear his thoughts on how they can do more of it.

There was once a time, perhaps, when national Republicans would hesitate a bit before honoring a con artist or open insurrectionist in their little get-togethers. Maybe. Republicans couldn’t get enough of Watergate crook G. Gordon Liddy, so we’re probably overselling that theoretical hesitation about hanging out with crooks.

But Bannon is a special case. He is a key figure in an attempted coup, and is hiding his knowledge. He is a traitor. Why would you hang out with a traitor?

Oh, right. Because there’s nobody left in Republicanism who isn’t fine with ending American democracy if an election doesn’t go their way. But here’s a thought: If the House select committee investigating Bannon’s involvement with the Republican coup really wants to hear from him, and soon, you now know exactly where to find him!