There’s a lot to do to win democracy, and not a lot of time

There’s a lot to do to win democracy, and not a lot of time

August 4, 2022 0 By Ellen Novack

Community activists gathered in Minneapolis to write letters for the Vote Forward GOTV campaign

At TogetherWeElect, you can sign up for a live coaching session on the best way to get involved this election cycle.

The November midterms are now fewer than 100 days away. Republicans threaten all that we love and cherish about our democracy while the Supreme Court rolls back our freedoms, so we must turn out every Democratic voter to the polls. 

But what’s the most effective and impactful thing you can do? Phonebanking? Textbanking? Writing letters and postcards? Knocking on doors? And for what particular campaign? All these things matter, and each of us has different skills that can be put to good use. 

Sign up for a 20-minute coaching session with a GOTV coach from TogetherWeElect who will walk you through the opportunities and plug you into the best activity for you. 

TogetherWeElect, an organization of activists from Indivisible, has set up an incredible program for volunteers this election cycle. Besides connecting people with get-out-the-vote opportunities for the midterms, they also offer one-on-one coaching to help you identify what the most effective use of your time is this fall to help get out the vote for Democrats.

TogetherWeElect will help you make your greatest impact. After signing up, you will get a link to a Zoom session with one of their action coaches (yes, that’s right, a live person!) who will explain available activities and actions you can do that can make a difference. They will work with you for 20 minutes to pick activities that best fit your skills, interests, and schedule.

As one GOTV Action Coach explained her job: “People are stressed out about time. But if you can give an hour a week, that’s more than nothing. So let’s take what you got and see how you can best put it to use. It makes people feel good that they’ve made a contribution.”

The results of this midterm election will have profound consequences for reproductive freedom, climate change, health care access, and the resiliency of our democracy itself. The stakes cannot be higher and what you do matters. The only question is, what is the best way to get involved? A 20-minute session with a GOTV Action coach can help you. 

Sign up for a session with a GOTV Action Coach who will help get you started.

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