This short clip is a masterclass in how to respond to anti-abortion hysteria from Republicans

This short clip is a masterclass in how to respond to anti-abortion hysteria from Republicans

July 17, 2022 0 By Ellen Novack

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“Do you agree with infanticide?” asks Norman.

“Well,” says Shannon. “I think you’re using inflammatory language to basically describe a situation that does not happen. We don’t have infanticide happening. Doctors would not do that. And neither would folks who have carried pregnancies—“

“Do you agree,” he continues, “If a healthy child is born, is it that woman’s right if it decides if it lives or dies?”

“What I think it is, based on your question, that you have a very low opinion of pregnant people Because if you think anybody would carry—“

Norman interrupts by demanding she answer the question, saying, “No, no, answer the question.”

“I’m answering it.”

“No, you’re not.”

“I’m answering it,” she replies. “Do you want an answer or do you want to keep talking over witnesses? What I’m telling you is nobody would carry a pregnancy and then decide on a Monday because they are bored they wanna have an abortion. That’s ridiculous. What you’re saying is inflammatory. You’re talking about families in tough situations where folks have been excited about having pregnancies. Most of the abortions that happen later in pregnancy are really tragedies where it’s really a disappointment for everyone in mind.”

“I take it with all those words, you do agree with murdering a child after they’re born,” Shannon replies, as though he refuses to comprehend a literal word of the patient response he has just been given.

Then in an address to Graves: “Miss Graves,” he said. “Can you answer that? Yes or no?”

“I have to say, congressman, how you just characterized the representative’s statement is dangerous. You guys have been talking today about the threats against crisis pregnancy centers, which I assume are serious and terrible. The threats that people who work in abortion access face every single day, and part of it is because of this inflammatory and outrageous language—“

“Reclaiming my time,” he injected before adding: “I’m assuming you’re for infanticide.” 

Truly, if this man didn’t hold elected office, I’d say he was going for satire. But because the basic rights of people are at stake here, there’s nothing funny about his repeated effort to push anti-abortion rhetoric.

You can watch that exchange below.